Command and Conquer has been one of the best RTS strategy game brands. It started with Louis Castle wanting to start a game franchise. So he got his friends and made Westwood Associates. They started making games like Warcraft (in 8-bits). They eventually decided to try make a few strategy games. Eventually one mostly stood out, Command and Conquer.

With it’s cut scenes and cheesy lines, it became one of the greatest RTS strategy games of the 90’s. Eventually they listened to their fans and decided to make another game of Command and Conquer. They ended up developing Command and Conquer Red Alert, it was at the time just supposed to be an expansion to Command and Conquer. The fans loved Red Alert so much they eventually decided to make a separate “universe.”

They eventually moved into a fully workable office in Las Vegas, Nevada and merged with Virgin Interactive as a publisher. From then on their company was renamed from Westwood Associates to Westwood Studios.

In 1998, Electronic Arts (EA) bought Westwood Studios from Virgin Interactive. In 2003, EA shut down Westwood Studios, but kept their programmers. Eventually the founders of Westwood would go down their own paths, away from Electronic Arts.

Command and Conquer is a closed title now, because of the difficulty Electronic Arts has creating it up to it’s hype.